A Civil Lawyer's Introduction to Anglo-American Law: Torts

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Autoren: Widmer Corinne

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In this book, students and practitioners from civil law countries are introduced to English and American tort law. This dynamic area of law is illustrated by [selected decisions] which comprise “classics” such as Donoghue v. Stevenson as well as recent cases on controversial issues, including punitive damages and asbestos-related claims. Basic concepts such as negligence, pure economic loss, product liability, causation and damages are further explored in detailed chapters. Each chapter includes study questions which add to the reader’s understanding of the cases, and comparisons with tort concepts in civil law countries are made throughout the book. The reader is also introduced to the history and characteristics of Anglo-American case law as well as to the English and American court systems. A special chapter on [procedural “peculiarities”] such as the jury trial and class actions illustrates the operating conditions of American tort law in particular. Extensive references to literature, materials and internet resources provide the tools for further research.