A European Perspective for the Western Balkans

ISBN: 978-3-7083-0306-2

Herausgeber: Isak Hubert

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Since the Thessaloniki European Council in 2003, all Western Balkans countries have been, although at different paces, on their way towards membership in the European Union. In an interdisciplinary approach including the research of historians, political scientists, experts on conflict prevention and peace building, economy, and law, this book gives an analysis of the status quo of this process. The developments that led to the disaster are retraced and promising attempts to overcome this past are described. By now, EU integration has become the central “development and reconciliation project” for the region. Yet, manifold problems – some of them “home-made”, others due to external factors – still need to be solved. The future role of the International Community in this process also remains to be defined.