Analysing International City Tourism

ISBN: 978-3-7046-5801-2

Auflage: 2. nd ed.

Herausgeber: Mazanec Josef, Wöber Karl

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In the long run, city holidays and weekend breaks will continue to be a vibrant and growing segment of the global tourism market. When the editors' first book on analysing city tourism was published in 1997, tourism marketing still had to prove its ability to utilise advanced research techniques and sophisticated analytical tools. More than a decade later this is taken for granted and no educational program of international significance would do without such methodology. However, there is still a shortage of literature demonstrating the 'how-to' of realising these analytical ambitions and the appropriate learning-by-doing support.This follow-up text to the 1997 book, entitled 'Analysing International City Tourism' to clearly underline its focus, further contributes to filling this gap. Ten chapters are completely new, while two have been expanded and extensively revised. Where conducive to the learning experience the chapters provide program scripts, tips on where to download software and data free of charge, discussion questions, and material for case studies.

Biografische Anmerkung

Editors:Josef A. Mazanec, Vienna University of Economics and Business AdministrationKarl Wöber, MODUL University ViennaAuthors:Florian Aubke, MODUL University ViennaIrem Arsal, MODUL University ViennaUlrike Bauernfeind, MODUL University ViennaChristian Bu