Austrian Arbitration Yearbook 2009

ISBN: 978-3-214-00767-6

Herausgeber: Klausegger Christian, Klein Peter, Kremslehner Florian, Petsche Alexander, Pitkowitz Nikolaus, ... alle anzeigen

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he Austrian Arbitration Yearbook 2009 is a collection of articles on domestic and international arbitration by leading practitioners. The third edition particularly reflects the history and importance of Vienna as a place of arbitration for disputes relating to Central and Eastern Europe as well as the increasing importance of investment arbitration, as e.g. shown in: The Global Competition for the "Best" Place for International Arbitration – Myth, Prejudice, and Reality Bits by and Corruption and Investment Arbitration: Substantive Standards and Proof by and. As with the last edition, this volume is supplemented by an annex summarizing the most recent publications on Austrian arbitration law and an extensive index referring not only to the current edition, but also to the prior editions of the Austrian Arbitration Yearbook. All the contributions are likely to be of relevance to academics, practitioners or persons who may become involved in arbitration in Austria or in any other place in the world. The Austrian Arbitration Yearbook is published annually.