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Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration 2015

MANZ Verlag Wien, Stämpfli Verlag AG
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The Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration 2015 is a collection of articles on issues in the realm of commercial as well as investment arbitration. The Yearbook is published annually. All contributions are of relevance to academics and practitioners in the field, which is also reflected by the composition of the authors of this edition.The contributions compiled in the current edition address a variety of topics, but predominantly focus on the applicable law in international arbitration. Further articles, inter alia, deal with the status of soft law in international arbitration,corruption,set-off in international arbitration,costs,diplomatic Protection under Investment Treaties, orthe recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards in the United Arab Emirates.
Biografische Anmerkung
The EditorsChristian Klausegger, Peter Klein, Florian Kremslehner, Alexander Petsche, Nikolaus Pitkowitz, Jenny Power, Irene Welser, Gerold Zeiler.The AuthorsSebastian Baur, Gordon Blanke, Laura Bräuninger, Yuliya Chernykh, Dietmar Czernich, Mariel Dimsey, Michael Dunmore, Christina Florescu, Simon Greenberg, Paula Hodges, Thomas Huber-Starlinger, Patrick Kimla, Richard Kreindler, Greg Lourie, Lars Markert, Elisabeth Metzler, Alexis Mourre, Katharina Müller, Michael Nueber, Wiliam W. Park, Alexander Petsche, Nikolaus Pitkowitz, Karl Pörnbacher, Katharina Riedl, Catherine Rogers, Maxi Scherer, Markus Schifferl, Ana Stanic, Stephan Steinhofer, Alexandra Stoffl, Monika Hartung, Irene Welser, Stephan Wilske, Venus Valentina Wong.