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Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration 2021

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The Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration 2021 is a collection of articles and essays on current issues and hot topics in commercial and investment arbitration by leading practitioners and academics.

The present 15th edition contains 17 contributions from altogether 41 authors. The contributions compiled in the current edition address a variety of topics, featuring articles dealing with topical issues such as

  • data protection and international arbitration,
  • the legal nature of third-party funding agreements,
  • transparency in institutional decision making and
  • ethics in arbitration.

Other articles focus on the conduct of proceedings, such as advice on how to avoid disappointing the parties and the arbitrator’s competency to moderate contractual penalties.

Procedural issues addressed are, inter alia, “gateway matters” under the U.S. FAA, statutory limitation of the enforcement of international awards and the decision of jurisdiction of an arbitral tribunal under English law.

The chapter “Investment Arbitration” deals with investment protection in the annexed Crimea and stabilization clauses.

Biografische Anmerkung

The Editors

Christian Klausegger, Peter Klein, Florian Kremslehner, Alexander Petsche, Nikolaus Pitkowitz, Irene Welser, Gerold Zeiler

The Authors

Alexey Anischenko, Jonathan Barnett, Markus Beham, Andrea Carlevaris, Gernot Fritz, Ulrike Gantenberg, Thomas Herbst, Matthias Hofer, Werner Jahnel, Christian Klausegger, Peter Klein, Ulrich Kopetzki, Richard Kreindler, Florian Kremslehner, Gaudenz Küenburg, Niamh Leinwather, Veronika Macha, Samuel Mimnagh, Andrijana Mišović, Maximilian Albert Müller, Ihor Muryn, Ilya Nikiforov, Paul Nimmerfall, Matthias Pendl, Alexander Petsche, Nikolaus Pitkowitz, Désirée Prantl, Hendrik Puschmann, Anna Katharina Radschek, Evgeny Raschevsky, Elisabeth Rath, Markus Schifferl, Alfred Siwy, Ana Stanič, Clemens Treichl, Irene Welser, Bernhard Wychera, Gerold Zeiler, Ilona Zekely, Alexander Zojer, Roman Zykov