Human Rights, Dignity and Autonomy in Health Care and Social Services: Nordic Perspectives

ISBN: 978-3-7083-0612-4

Herausgeber: Sinding Aasen Henriette, Halvorsen Rune, Barbosa da Silva Antonio

Verlag: NWV

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Erscheinungsdatum: 10.09.20092009-09-10

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The overall theme of the volume is the understanding of human dignity, autonomy and human rights in health care and social services in modern welfare states, with special reference to the Nordic countries. Focus is put on vulnerable groups such as children, individuals with cognitive impairment or mental illness and persons with physical disabilities. Experts from different disciplines identify ethical and legal dilemmas in modern welfare services and describe how basic values and/or rights are or may come in conflict in concrete situations. Of particular interest is how the human rights perspective challenges the policies and regulations of modern welfare states and at the same time provides the overall normative direction as for how to solve ethical, legal and social conflicts or shortcomings. Although the human rights perspective is the most dominant, insights from philosophy and social sciences provide both a necessary and fruitful supplement to the legal approach.