Serious Games on the Move

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The proceedings to "Serious Games on the Move 08" will contain all results of this conference on game software applications that are designed to do more than entertain. The focus of the contents lie on research results and developments in the rapidly moving field of serious games and their potential use in education and training as well as in the presentation of several showcases. The proceedings will address the following three topics: 1. Designing serious games: This topic will include innovations in the design of serious games, in particular games for use in education and training environments. 2. Embedding serious games and virtual worlds within learning programmes: Original research papers and case studies that investigate the potential for integration of serious games and virtual worlds within programmes of education and training will be the core content of this theme. 3. Tools, technologies and platforms: Under this topic the proceedings will provide information relating to serious games technologies.

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Project members:evolaris Privatstiftung / AT; evolaris Research & Development GmbH / AT; Verein Schul- und Ausbildungsberatung / AT; Seibersdorf research GmbH - ARC / AT; Anglia Ruskin University - Inspire / GB; Pomorski Fakulet u Rijeci (Faculty of Marit