Space Law Essentials

Volume 1: Textbook

ISBN: 978-3-7083-1102-9

Verlag: NWV

Land des Verlags: Österreich

Erscheinungsdatum: 26.04.2016

Autoren: Soucek Alexander

Reihe: Neue Praktikerskripten — NPS

Format: Einband - flex. (Paperback)

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Across decades of space exploration and utilisation – from Sputnik to the comet-chasing Rosetta, Yuri Gagarin to the International Space Station, the rise of the multi-billion euro comsat industry and weather satellite forecasting – a rich body of space law has arisen. As space comes to play more of a role in our everyday lives, space law is becoming more relevant than ever. This book stands apart from existing space law literature. It is the first book that: • introduces space law in a compact and comprehensible manner; • explains the legal issues that may arise during the lifecycle of a space mission; • shows how space law and technology intertwine; • addresses law students and space practitioners alike.