Successful Compliance

For Efficient Organisations With ISO 19600:2014. The Practical Guide

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A Compliance Management System (CMS) is a management tool that effectively supports compliant behaviour in organizations. The integration of CMS related functions and tasks into existing operational structures and processes can simultaneously enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of a sustainable development of your organisation. The ISO 19600:2014-12-15 “Compliance management system – Guidelines” provides a worldwide unified framework for the development, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of a CMS. The extent to which the elements are implemented is to be flexibly adapted to the individual situation of each organisation such as its size, risk exposure, nature and complexity of structure and activities. The application to only a part of an organization is possible. This present guide provides support in the practical implementation for any types of organization independent of its legal form and appeals to compliance officers, risk managers as well as internal and external auditors. For executives and members of supervisory bodies it serves as handbook to safeguard their duties of care for implementing adequate measures to prevent wrongful organizational behaviour – including practical tips and examples that guide you step by step for the implementation of a CMS in your organization. lso available as E-Book (ISBN: 978-3-85402-308-1) Also available in German language: Print edition (ISBN 978-3-85402-305-0) and ePub (ISBN 978-3-85402-306-7)