The Banana Dispute

An Economic and Legal Analysis

ISBN: 978-3-7046-6071-8

Herausgeber: Breuss Fritz, Griller Stefan, Vranes Erich

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The "Banana dispute” represents one of the central cases in international trade. It has led to several precedents on the international (WTO), EC and national level. It thus constitutes the mandatory starting point for any in-depth study of the WTO system and transatlantic trade relations. Moreover, this dispute casts new light on classic issues of European law, especially the relationship of EC, national law and state liability.This treatise is the most comprehensive and easily accessible one published up to now. The study is supplemented by an economic analysis of the welfare effects of the EC banana import regime for the EC domestic market, and interdisciplinary conclusions for future amendments of the WTO enforcement system.This book will be of equal interest to practitioners, academics and students of international economic relations.