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Transforming Public Administration with CAF

20 years of the Common Assessment Framework
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Öffentliches Management und Finanzwirtschaft
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The CAF is the European Common Assessment Framework for better quality in public administration, and it celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2020. The CAF improves public administration through self-assessment by the employees and executives of "their" organisation. The beginning of the CAF dates back to 1998 when the ministers of the European Public Administration Network (EUPAN) commissioned designing "general principles concerning the improvement of the quality of services provided to citizens". The CAF 2020 is the fifth version of the CAF, and it is designed to be the European guideline for good governance and excellence in public sector organisations. In four chapters, this book provides an overview of how the CAF is contributing to transform public administration. About 30 designated CAF experts from academia and practice offer insights into the impact of the CAF in different fields of public sector organisations, reflecting the powerful role of the CAF in navigating through challenging times. Furthermore, this book provides an overview of the institutional status of the CAF in Europe and internationally, and it shows the necessary steps for further strengthening the CAF as the number one tool for transformation and quality in the public sector.
Biografische Anmerkung
Herausgeber*innen: Thomas Prorok / Philip Parzer Autor*innen: Dalibor Copic Is Head of Department of Training, Improving Service Delivery and Analytical Affairs in the Civil Service Agency of the Republic of Srpska. He has fourteen years of civil service experience and took part in the implementation of numerous HRM and QM activities in the Republic of Srpska Civil Service. He was one of initiators of introducing the CAF in the Republic of Srpska civil service institutions. Naina Cuturic-KneZevic Graduated from the Faculty of Administrative and European Studies in 2013 and finished her post-graduate studies in 2014. She is currently a master student in the programme of State and Legal Studies at the Faculty of Administrative and European Studies. Naina was a student at The Hague Academy for Local Governance within the MATRA program, and she has attended numerous trainings in the fields of administrative action, project writing, science research infrastructure, and metrology. Since January 2015, Naina has been working at the Bureau of Metrology. She is currently the Head of the Section for International Cooperation. Besides, she has been named integrity manager, quality manager deputy, as well as CAF program manager at the Bureau of Metrology. Josef J. Bernhart Is Vice Head at the Eurac Research Institute for Public Management in Bolzano (Italy). His central research focuses on the development and international comparison of quality-oriented concepts for public sector modernisation. During a project at the University of Innsbruck, he participated in the scientific evaluation of the Study Grant Authority's quality management system according to ISO 9001, the first Austrian Federal Administration institution where it was implemented. For many years, he has been lecturing on the subject of quality management in public sector organisations at the University of Innsbruck and Carinthia's University of Applied Sciences. Together with Kurt Promberger (University of Innsbruck and Eurac Research), he supervised the quality assessment process of the Public Prosecution Office and the Senior Public Prosecution Office in Innsbruck, according to the Common Assessment Framework (CAF). Slaven Bukarica Graduated from the Faculty of Philology, University of Montenegro and obtained a degree in English language and literature. Mr Bukarica worked in the private sector as an Event Manager for almost ten years. During this stage of his career, he was responsible for the implementation of many Long-Term Agreements for Provision of Event Services for a wide range of public institutions, international organisation and NGOs. For the past three years, he has been working as a programme assistant at ReSPA (Regional School of Public Administration), the innovative centre of interregional cooperation among the Balkan States and a centre of excellence for training and capacity building in public administration reform. Mr Bukarica is actively involved in improving regional cooperation, especially in the area of Quality Manage-ment and eGovernment. Tamara Dimitrijevic Is a manager and consultant but also a graduated psychologist, certified scrum master and executive coach. During her career, she has married several of her passions: managing international teams and projects in corporations, facilitating trainings and workshops for diverse groups, changing individuals and organisations through coaching and organisational culture transformation programs. During recent years, her focus has been on company culture change, particularly agile and digital transformation, coaching and well-being in the workplace. She is passionate about continuous improvement and change a