On the Endurance of Ancient Greek Thought Through the Ages

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Verlag: Jan Sramek

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Erscheinungsdatum: 28.10.20142014-10-28

Autoren: Markesinis Basil

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Six essays which discuss the genius of the ancient Greeks in writing about eternal issues and doing so in a way that allowed their ideas to be used by subsequent generations in a way that suited their own societal conditions and different aesthetic values. A short but wide-ranging and often perceptive account of a world of imagination, inventiveness, beautiful written style, and, above all beauty of images, accompanied by a beautiful set of pictures chosen to compliment the text and offer pictorial insights into the mind and land of ancient and modern Greece. Sir Basil Markesinis, sometime Professor of Comparative Law at the University of Oxford, and Professor of Law Emeritus at The University of Texas at Austin (after twentyseven years as Full Professor at that famous Law School) is one of Her Majesty’s Counsel in the Law (hon.) and a Fellow (or Corresponding Fellow) of the Academies of Athens, Belgium, Britain, France, the Netherlands and Rome (Lincei) as well as a Member of the American Law Institute and the Athens Archaelogical Society. He has published in many languages (including Chinese) 45 books, over 160 legal articles and over 100 articles on geopolitics in many newspapers and journals. His work in international relations has been rewarded by the Presidents of France and Italy who made him a Knight Grand Cross of their respective Order of Merit and the German President, who awarded him the insignia of Knight Commander of the German Order of Merit. In 2005 H.M. the Queen made him a Knight Bachelor for his exceptional services to International Relations.