Stock Corporations

A Guidance to Initial Public Offerings, Corporate Governance and Hostile Takeovers

ISBN: 978-3-7007-5672-9

Auflage: 1. Auflage

Verlag: LexisNexis

Land des Verlags: Österreich

Erscheinungsdatum: 11.20132013-11

Autoren: Kecskés András, Halász Vendel

Format: Einband - fest. (Hardcover)

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This volume offers an indispensable guide for those who intend to gain a deeper insight in the world of corporations operating publicly on the stock exchanges. The authors of the book introduce the IPO’s and the operation of listed corporations on the regulated markets including the possibility of hostile takeovers. Special attention is paid on the normative basis of both ethical and legal aspects of corporate governance. The book can be used as a handbook as well; it guides professionals on the basis of practical information in three parts. Initially, it describes the establishment of public corporations, and the mechanisms of initial public offerings. Afterwards, it introduces the rules pertaining to corporate governance. Finally it highlights the regulatory background of acquisitions. The book pays a particular attention to the regulatory innovations of the past decade, which can be regarded as a direct consequence of the various crises, which started from the capital markets. The volume includes both the highly regarded international professional viewpoints, and a wide ranging comparative legal background. The authors considered it important to include the analysis of the conditions required for the foundation of a deep and liquid capital markets, and an overview of the literature on stockholder structures. This book on the one hand focuses on European and US regulatory solutions, but the Hungarian regulation on investor and creditor protection also gets a detailed introduction, which may serve as a guiding post for the investors visiting the Hungarian capital market, both from a theoretical and a practical perspective.

Biografische Anmerkung

-Dr. András Kecskés is an associate professor at the Faculty of Law – University of Pécs. He earned his law degree (2005), a degree in political science (2005) and an MBA (2013) at the same university. In 2010 he earned his PhD in legal science and published his first monograph on the legal aspects of corporate governance. He is a member of the Governance and Transparency Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, the director of the Business Law Research Institute at the Faculty of Law – University of Pécs, an attorney at law specializing in the field of corporate and securities law and the executive officer of his family-owned consulting firm.
-Dr. Vendel Halász is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Law – University of Pécs. He holds a law degree (2008) from the University of Pécs, and a postgraduate diploma in management of nationally owned enterprises (2012) from Corvinus University, Budapest. He is currently working as Head of Unit at the National Development Agency, Hungary. His professional interests focus on business transactions, corporate governance, state-owned enterprises and the legal regulation of the business sphere.