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Democratizing the Constitution of Belarus

Towards a Constitution for a New Belarus in a European Context
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Shaping a New Belarus: Pathways towards Democracy and European Integration

On 25 February 2024, A. Lukashenka, the internationally unrecognised president of Belarus, held, once again, completely undemocratic and unfair elections – the first time after he changed the post-Soviet Constitution for less democracy in 2022, and after he led the country into complete dependency to V. Putin´s Russia. The country´s proclaimed de facto neutrality and its non-nuclear weapons status were eliminated. The future of the country is uncertain.

The country´s democratic forces have been developing since 2019 a "Draft" Constitution for a New Belarus´. Leading European constitutional and human rights lawyers from "old" and "new(er)" democracies contributed to this process. The present book contains their comments and suggestions on how to develop the Belarus Constitution in order to reflect today´s European standards for democratic constitutions, as in particular set by the Council of Europe and its "Venice Commission".

In addition to the contributions on core elements of a democratic constitution the volume also provides the text of the "Draft Constitution for a New Belarus". The text of the draft constitution as well as all contributions are published in English and Russian. The present volume thus constitutes a handbook for constitutional change in Belarus once the situation exists for the transition of the country to a liberal European democracy.

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Editors: Dr. Thomas M. Buchsbaum Lawyer, Ambassador (ret), Republic of Austria Dr. Katharina Pabel Professor of Public Law and Public International Law at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria